Life at the Hub

For those unacquainted with the Hub, I’ll start by saying that the Hub at the ECCI (Edinburgh’s Centre for Carbon Innovation) is a space in the building where students can spend their time. As a student from the Msc in Carbon Management, my first semester was spent entirely at the ECCI and the Hub definitely saw a lot of my classmates and me.

Equipped with more than enough energy plugs, TV screens, very comfortable chairs, lockers, and even a small kitchen; the Hub has everything a student could need from a lounge space at the university. Provided with excellent heating, automatic windows and a terrace, the Hub is a relaxed space that is used by students to prepare for exams, to work for group presentations, or simply to relax while they wait for their next class. At the end of the semester, we were at the Hub until late hours preparing for our final examinations. But during more decent times of the day, it is not a weird thing to find students working on their computers, or just having tea and enjoying their free time.

View from the Hub by Marco Moras
View from the Hub by Marco Moras

So far, only one semester of the academic year has passed, but I’m sure the Hub will be seeing a lot more of us students. It is after all a great space for us students, and having a great view of the surroundings doesn’t hurt either.

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