How to eat cheaply as a student? volume 1

My boyfriend came to the conclusion that there is a simple formula to describe my state of being: ‘good food, good mood; bad food, bad mood’. I think I can blame my mother for this. Since I was spoiled by her fresh and healthy cooking style, I now immediately get grumpy if the food on my plate is not in line with my expectations. Does this then mean that I am a spoiled food brat? Maybe. On the one hand, my standards are high. I want tasty tomatoes, not those watery ones. On the other hand, I am perfectly happy with a simple meal. I desire a flavoursome minestrone soup; I don’t need amuse-bouche inspired dinners.  In this blog post, I will reveal some of my own tricks to maintain a fresh and healthy student diet.

'Real' tomatoes
‘Real’ tomatoes

Being a student living on a modest budget, one would think it is not easy to satisfy this semi-spoiled foodie. However, being the foremost person responsible for pleasing my demanding taste buds (and taking care of my health), I can tell you it is not that hard to eat wholesome in this period of your life! The most difficult part might be to acquire all the ingredients to form a nutritious eating pattern. In my eyes, a student should be: creative, flexible, inquisitive, conscious, and not afraid to take up a challenge. And if this is the toughest part of this endeavour, it must not be that hard. It is surely easier than the university courses we are taking. In my next blog I will provide you with some practical tips.

For now, I can give you one recommendation if you really cannot be bothered to do groceries and cook. Probably a lot of you know this already, but I really like ‘The Mosque Kitchen’ (33 Nicholson Street, on the corner). They have delicious vegetable curries, accompanied with lots of rice for only 4 pounds. And if the food is too much, just take it with you for a lunch the next day! Enjoy!


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  1. Dear Ms Good food maniac. Well-written and I can confirm indeed this is who you are. When the food is good, then it’s all gonna be a good night, guaranteed otherwise forget it

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