Academic speeddating and more in the Innovative Learning Week

The University of Edinburgh is organising the Innovative Learning Week (ILW). Every semester has 10 weeks of teaching. In semester two week 6 (17-21 February) is dedicated to the ILW (so the second semester goes until week 11). This means that for a week long, there are no lectures or seminars. Instead, you can – as the ILW website puts it – ‘reinvent the way you learn and broaden your academic interests’.

I chose for example to go on a sociological tour of Edinburgh to discover, inter alia, that George Square (the central area where the main campus is situated) was the first gentrified area  in the 18th century in Edinburgh. Furthermore I will be going to an EndNote session wherein I will get ‘an introduction to EndNote Web online bibliographic management software, which is free for members of the University to use’. On top of that, I will attend film screenings that are specifically organised for Msc students of the School of Geosciences. We will see the films Blackfish and Project Wild Thing in one of Edinburgh’s (few) independent cinema‘s.

If you have become curious about all the other innovative events that are happening during the ILW, you can find the calendar here: click!

Last but not least I would like to draw your attention to an event that, in my opinion, is going to be of great help to postgraduate students. I have to admit, I am a bit biased because I am organising it. The event is called ‘SpeedDating meets academia – conversations on dissertations related to the environment’. It takes place on Monday the 17th of February at 1500 in the Old Library in Drummond Street. More information about the event and on how to sign up can be found here. 

Keeping me busy until ILW
Keeping me busy until ILW

I think for me one thing is certain: I am looking forward to the ILW. Luckily, time will fly – I have enough to read, write and study about until the 17th of February arrives.


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