Food for a Fiver

As we all probably know by this point, the student lifestyle requires a very thorough financial analysis to be able to make it through the month on a budget. And having been a student dependent on scholarships most of his life, I have learned a few tricks on how to make 50 pence feel like a whole pound. This post is dedicated to a small cafe on Nicholson Street called The Bean Scene.

BeanScene by Marco

This place has come up with an amazing deal called “Food for a Fiver”, which as you can guess means that you get some really good food and drink just for 5 pounds. This deal lets you choose from a variety of sandwiches, paninis and wraps + drink (hot or cold) + cookie or fruit. So if you’re up for trying a new place, give a chance to this jewel hidden in the middle of a very busy road. The place has a great atmosphere, the occasional live music and very friendly staff. I really recommend their chai latte, one of the best I’ve found in the area.

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