That time I wore a kilt

A Finnish, a German and a Mexican walk into a kilt shop and no, this is not the start of a joke. A couple of months ago, the Msc in Carbon Management got the chance to spend a lovely Christmas dinner with classmates, teachers and staff of the programme. The food was great, the music was really good and I’m sure we all had a lot of fun. But for me, one of the things that I will remember the most about that night is the fact that I got to wear a kilt for the first time. The dress code for the event was black tie and one of our classmates found a very convenient deal to rent the whole Scottish outfit from a local store. So, a group decided to give kilts a try, have a much more Scottish night and give the girls a lovely surprise.

Carbon Management Masters Students in Kilts
Carbon Management Masters Students in Kilts

The owner of the store seemed to be very amused when a bunch of international students (add Italian, Dutch, English and Irish to the list at the start of this post) showed up for fitting with no clue of what they were doing. After some explanation about how the colour of the tartan is used to represent each village and how to properly assemble the whole attire, we were good to go and ready for a night in kilts. Much to my surprise, I did not freeze while walking down the street, it does give a man a feeling of extra space, and it really gives you a very formal look. It certainly turned out to be a surprise to see so many kilts around – and at least for me it was amazing to share such an Scottish experience with my classmates. So, for all males around, wearing a kilt is definitely something that should be tried while your studying in Edinburgh.

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