It’s essay season in Edinburgh. There are high winds (seriously, we nearly hit gale force today) and I have high expectations on this spring day. I’m crunching through a marine policy paper and am blessing the folks who designed bibliography referencing software. I am infamous around the geosciences postgrad group as the unofficial Endnote ambassador. I attended a workshop offered by the Institute for Academic Development in the fall and converted immediately. Among many other functions, I can, in minutes :

1) search databases such as WebofKnowledge and Scopus

2) export article titles, authors, abstracts and other bibliographical information directly onto my desktop

3) search almost-every-single university database in two clicks

4) have a topic/keyword/date sorted library of relevant pdf files.

5) cite-as-I-write insert citations into my writing and have a bibliography created magically.


Highly recommend you consider Endnote or Mendeley and help yourself. #worksmart

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    1. The nice thing about Mendeley is that it’s free and it also has a great web interface. I like Endnote for its sorting ability. It’s also the first program I used and I am now too adapted to consider switching!

  1. jep, you are the the unofficial Endnote ambassador! You got me totally enthusiastic about it (didn’t figure out all functions yet you mentioned here, but still!)

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