The Biggest Panini Ever

For anyone who speaks italian, you may know that “panini” is the plural word for sandwich. But for this place, it seems fair enough to use the plural form because they really do have the biggest panini I have eaten in Edinburgh! The place is called Let Me Eat, and you can find it on Holyrood Rd, just down the road from The Moray House. This little place has a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options, but the highlights are their paninis and wraps. This little place is very friendly with the customers,  is very clean, and they are very, very generous when cooking your panini. And the best part is that the prices are ideal for any student looking for a filling meal for a few pounds. It is the perfect place to go to when you’re really hungry and on a budget.

Let Me Eat - Home of the 'Biggest Panini Ever'
Let Me Eat – Home of the ‘Biggest Panini Ever’

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