Cyprus – The Sun is Shining! by SHONA

After a lovely relaxing day by the beach and recovering from the night before, it was back to the geology today and a look at the sedimentary rocks which cover the Troodos ophiolite. We saw some impressive bioclastic limestone rocks full of fossils and shell fragments which showed an ancient coral reef and the slope into the deep ocean. We were then treated to a look at a gypsum quarry with large crystals of gypsum which formed during evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea during the Messinian. We then moved up sequence to more recent deposition of Pliocene bioclastic sands and Upper Pliocene to Quaternary fanglomerates showing uplift of the island. The sun was shining all day and there were certainly some pink looking people in the evening.

On Monday we were also looking at the sedimentary cover and a few of us decided to go for a Hawaiian theme in Hawaiian shirts and bright colours to have a bit of fun.

Day 4


We saw even bigger gypsum crystals than before and a really impressive ancient channel system. Today we had a long drive into Paphos first thing and we began by looking at Quaternary terraces. We were right in the centre of Paphos down by the harbour which was beautiful as it was so sunny. After a quick look at an outcrop we enjoyed lunch by the sea before getting an ice cream. We then traveled further north to look at the Polis graben which included a stop at Evretou Dam.

We then arrived home and with a day of tomorrow tomorrow there was only one thing to do – head to the pub!

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