Cyprus – Half way through! by SHONA

After another very relaxing day lying by the beach with some choosing to rent cars and go further a field it was back to work! The next few days are to be spent looking at the Mammonia Complex of south west Cyprus which is a very complicated terrane which has been faulted against and transported next to the Troodos ophiolite. Wednesday was spent mostly on the south western side of the Troodos as we observed different parts of the Mammonia succession which had mostly been folded, faulted and deformed so the outcrops were pretty impressive.

Today was TOGA THURSDAY and some of us wore our bed sheets as togas as we visited the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite’s Rock which just happened to be a massive block of limestone.

In the afternoon we also visited The Baths of Aphrodite so we felt it was appropriate. We spent most of the day looking at different blocks and the Moni clay which holds the Mammonia Complex together. We also saw our first proper metamorphic rocks of the trip at the final stop and then everyone had an ice cream before getting on the bus for the two hour journey back to our hotel.

Friday was spent in southern Cyprus observing various outcrops along a fold and thrust belt. This was our last day on the trip as a big group as the final two days would be split into Geology and Geology and Physical Geography. As tomorrow was another day off, it was home to cook tea, relax and then head straight to the local pub who had organised a karaoke night for us! The night was hilarious and there are lots embarrassing videos, many of which most people will hope never grace the internet.Day 7 (3)


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