Cyprus – The Final Days by SHONA

This relaxing by the pool and the beach still doesn’t feel real – are we really on a geology field trip?

Today was the first of two days split into our degree streams. The geologists ventured to the Troodos to look at mineral and ore deposits whilst the GPGs went north to near Nicosia to look at river terraces and recent deposition.

After being told by our lecturer that it certainly wasn’t going to rain, at the top of the hill it started to rain just as we were finishing which led to a sprint to the bottom back to the bus. The first rain since the first day – we definitely have been lucky. With one stop left, we sat in the bus for ten minutes as the rain continued waiting for it to stop but as a group we decided to just get on with it. So out we went in waterproof jackets, shorts and sunglasses and saw an interesting outcrop with HUGE (5x8cm) oyster shells. We then returned home on the bus and arrived home before the geologists (WIN!).

Day 9

Day 8Last field day in Cyrus

Today and for some the last geology field work they will ever do. It was also one of the very last times that we will be together as a group so there was a slight sadness in the air as we left for the day. The GPGs were again looking at terrace deposits but this time in the south of Cyprus.

The weather didn’t hold out and we had a cloudy last day with a few spots of rain – not very good for the tan!

We got back to the hotel quite early but the geologists had beaten us today!! Then the entire group, including lecturers and demonstrators (all 39 of us) headed out to a Syrian meze restaurant for tea and we ate like kings! It was a fantastic meal and nice for us all to be together. We all then went to our favourite local pub for some more karaoke.Day 9 (2)


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