A soft-coated greyhound, a jolly golden retriever and many other loving dogs and their owners were present in the majestic Dining Room in Teviot Row House, the home of the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA).

The reason being that the Edinburgh University’s Counselling Service, in collaboration with EUSA and Canine Concern Scotland Trust organised an event called ‘Therapets‘. This entailed students signing up to come by to pet the dogs! As the event announcement stated that ‘the mere act of stroking a dog (or a cat) can positively support mental health and wellbeing’, the timing was perfect for many students, since a stress relieving activity never hurts during the examination period.

Did I experience Therapets as stress relieving? I have to admit that, surprisingly enough, I felt less tense after attending the session. Does anyone know where Edinburgh’s animal shelter is?


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