All-Energy Conference

For two days in May, 21st and 22nd, the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre received people from all over the world for the annual All-Energy Conference. This event is a combination of talks and exhibitions from several companies in the UK dedicated to the fields of sustainability and renewable energy. As a student from the MSc in Carbon Management I got the opportunity to attend the event as part of the team at the stand for the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI). Some of the residents from the ECCI were there to promote their work, like the Smart Cities Project, and to share the experience of using a high energy efficient building like the ECCI on a daily basis.

The exhibition hall was filled with companies from very diverse sectors. Several of them working on expected ones like solar, wind (onshore and offshore), wave & tidal, and hydro. There was also a great presence of consulting companies, investment trail enterprises, and recruiting companies for those of us looking to start a career in the field. In addition to that, some companies held seminars on the business of energy efficiency, wave & tidal technology, and of course wind energy.  The event was a perfect opportunity to network among professionals who were also willing to share some of their experience on how the renewable energy sector is growing in Scotland and all around the world. Next year, the conference will be moving to Glasgow.

I really recommend to other students to look for similar events and take the opportunity to network with people who can later become coworkers or a possible employer. I’m looking forward to other conferences and to further collaboration with the residents of the ECCI.

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