Carbon Masters Alumni Conference

alumniconference14 alumniconference36alumniconference43 For the first time since the the start of the programme, the Msc in Carbon Management had an Alumni Conference to gather all current and past students for a weekend of carbon discussions, updates on the work of alumni and networking among the different cohorts. From the 6th to the 8th of june, people traveled from all over the world to meet other alumni and to exchange their experience now working on different carbon related fields.

The event started with a wine reception to welcome the alumni who used to be based at the Business School for their course. After a couple of speeches and a warm welcome from Dave Reay, the programme director, people started catching up with classmates and meeting alumni from different years while enjoying delicious foods and a glass of wine.alumniconference51

For saturday, the second day of the conference, we had a series of panels where alumni shared their experience after studying the Msc in Carbon Management. It was held at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), current house for Carbon Management students. They talked about sustainability in business, about the financial aspects of renewable energy, about smart cities and energy efficiency, and a panel about very interesting research that has come out of the programme. The day came to an end with a very heartfelt speech from the man who has seen six generations go through this programme, Dave Reay.

alumniconference68The third and final day of the event was a casual BBQ that provided a more relaxed atmosphere for the alumni to socialize and keep networking. The event had over 60 alumni attending, the collaboration of Business and Geosciences schools. We consider the event was quite a success and we are happy of having helped the unite the carbon family that are all of the alumni.




You can follow the Twitter feed of the conference with the hashtag #CarbonWeekend2014.

All images courtesy of Marco Moras

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