The Year Ahead

Greetings from (uncharacteristically) sunny and warm Seattle, Washington! I will be joining the School of GeoSciences this fall to pursue a Masters in Environment and Development. Currently, I work for an international law and policy NGO that partners with governments to provide secure land rights for the rural poor in developing countries. As I begin to wrap up my time in Seattle, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the year ahead.

Students enjoying the city
Students enjoying the city

Graduate school has always been a little seed in the back of my mind, but something that, until recently, was still intangible. The more I read about the University of Edinburgh, the more it seemed to align with why I want to continue my studies; aside from the coursework and their international reputation, what largely appealed to me about the University is their emphasis on depth of understanding. Working in the non-profit and private sector for six years has made me realize how little I know – and how much there is still to learn and to try to understand about the root causes of poverty, of the effect of climate change on developing countries, and the ways in which many international development challenges intersect. I hope that this graduate program will be both a culmination of my work experience and the fulfillment of my desire to learn more about the social and environmental aspects of development.

It has been nearly six years since I was a student, and there is so much that I am eagerly anticipating for the year ahead – most especially, meeting other developing professionals, academics and professors that foster a passion for continued learning and encourage the exploration of new ideas. I am excited to fully immerse myself in graduate school and a new adventure in a yet unknown (to me) place. I am also looking forward to a bit of an adventure. When I arrive on September 5, it will be my first time in Scotland. I can’t wait to wander through the city, run through Holyrood Park and try to bake using the metric system (my expectations for this last one are quite low).

Most of all, I am so excited for the first glimpse of Edinburgh and to make it my home for the next year. See you in September!

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