A Good Omen: Our First Assignment

Not 24 hours after I landed in Edinburgh we received our very first assignment as Carbon Masters from the course organizer for Carbon Economics. After introducing himself at our induction, Dr Harnmeijer gave us our task: find an article in The Financial Times that relates to carbon management in some way.

Now, it’s not as though I expected this task to be particularly difficult, but I would never have guessed it would be this easy.

That night I was perusing the Financial Times website to get a lay of the land and a sense of where I might find a suitable article. As I scrolled through the drop-down tabs atop the page I saw “Energy” under Companies. I thought, “This looks promising.” So I clicked.

The first article on the page: “Level of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Surges.” The article, a worthwhile read and deeply important in its own right, is noteworthy for another reason. A few paragraphs in, the author Pilita Clark writes, “The jump in CO2 concentrations revealed by the WMO is worrying news because it underlines the inadequacy of efforts to date, said Professor Dave Reay, chair in carbon management at Edinburgh university.” (emphasis enthusiastically added!!!)

I suspect it’s self-evident that seeing your programme director quoted in the Financial Times on your first full day in a new country is pretty exciting, so I won’t blether on about that. Suffice it to say that I’ll take this as a good omen.

May the rest of our year feel as right as our first day.

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