Five Reasons

… to join the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. When I first started thinking about where to pursue my master’s degree about one and a half years ago, it soon became clear that I was up for a new challenge, something to raise the bar. It’s not that I was bored with what I was doing back in those days, but rather sought the opportunity to think outside the box, and take on a new adventure. That said, I started looking for universities and programmes that would be of interest, and soon stumbled upon the MSc degree in Geographical Information Science (GIS) offered by the University of Edinburgh. Being immediately impressed by the nature of the programme, I quickly applied, happily got an acceptance, and finally arrived at Edinburgh Airport equipped with excitement, anticipation of what was to come, and the financial support of a £5,000 Head of School scholarship. There are many reasons on the web why the University of Edinburgh is the choice to make, but here are mine:

1. The Flexibility of the Programme

The MSc in GIS enables students to tailor their degree around their interests through providing a large number of option courses, which allow maximum flexibility during their studies.

2. & 3. Its Focus on Employability and Extensive Network with Industry

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings provide evidence that the University of Edinburgh performs amongst the best when it comes to graduate employability, not least by its global network to industry partners.

4. The University’s Reputation

There is no doubt that the University of Edinburgh is a world-class research institution that can proudly claim to be among the TOP 20 universities in the world.

5. The Weather

I was slightly puzzled as to how the weather would help students focus on their studies as is claimed by various articles. Now I know 🙂

There are actually many other reasons I could think of, but I feel that this is a rather good collection of what makes the University of Edinburgh truly unique. After two weeks of study, I am pleased to say that all of them have turned out to be true (a bit disappointed by the weather, though, fortunately?), and therefore feel very sure that Edinburgh was the right choice to make. There we go!


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