This Scotswoman Needs a 25-Hour Day.


Have you ever heard of the three Ws? Well, I only heard last week from a taxi driver in the city. He said to me, “have you heard that one must not trust the Women, Work and Weather in Edinburgh?” what a way to start the week. I’ve already seen glimpses of how unpredictable the weather in Edinburgh is but I must say, we’ve had mostly sunshine while I’ve been here. I guess it’s the welcome present from the clouds. But the other Ws? Ha! Well, let’s see.

Perhaps the highlight of my induction week was going up to the Cairngorms National Park with my classmates from the Environment and Development MSc programme. This trip was so many things, including a crash-course of bonding! We got to know each other and that has helped us. But more importantly, we had an exceptional tour of Braemar, Banchory, Ballater, the Balmoral Castle, Crathes Castle, Glenshee Ski Resort, the River Dee and so much more. We also worked on 2 projects including one which we presented in the Braemar village hall. What an experience! I’m bringing pics of the trip to you soon. in the meantime, I’m still taking in Scotland. This place is awe-mazing.

My first week of classes also went well. Initially, I was deeply skeptical about 3 – 4 hour classes but with a 15-minute break and so much to learn, the time does indeed fly by.

Watch this space! In the coming weeks, I’ll discuss my opinions of the referendum, British vs. American English and lots more!

Wait! Who else has heard of the 3 Ws?

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