Cafes, cafes and more cafes

‘Shall I go to a regular and know that I will get a good coffee and scrumptious cake or try something new and wait in fear whether I have made the right choice by choosing the adventurous option?’ This question passes through my brain at least every week. Since I am not such a pub going person I decided that I get to spend the little money I have left on my student budget to do fun stuff on treating myself a coffee and cake in one of Edinburgh’s many cafes. Only after a few months being here, I discovered that Edinburgh has tons and tons of great cafes. As an established sweet-tooth, let me give you my personal top 5.

Lovecrumbs is my favourite. Situated just opposite of Edinburgh College of Art and right besides the ‘pubic triangle’ – which is, as Wikipedia puts it: ‘usually best avoided, due to its proliferation of lap-dancing establishments’ – this wonderful cake-only cake shop has the best cakes in town! Try the pear polenta almond cake if you’re there!

Second place is occupied by Peter’s Yard, just off the main campus’ George Square. It makes the money fly out of my wallet, but once you ordered something, the only thing you do is sit back, relax and enjoy. The Yard of Peter is a Swedish bakery and you not only recognise this in its food, but also in its interior. As I am a sucker for all things Scandinavian it is a delight to spend time in the bright and no-nonsense interior. Don’t forget to test their parsnip cake!

My third best favourite is Dovecot cafe by Stag Espresso. When I am at Drummond Street – the home of Human Geography – the temptation of this small establishment lurks around the corner. This independent cafe is situated in the building of the one hundred year old tapestry studio Dovecot. Apart from the fact that the skilled barista’s brew you a perfect coffee, isn’t that a reason to go already?

Fourth, Kilimanjaro Coffee I love because it is just not pretentious. Just a busy cafe with amazing scones, freshly squeezed juices (the orange/carrot/ginger juice and green apple/celery/mint are delicious), friendly staff and the opportunity to sit by the large window and look at people passing by on Nicolson Street. What else do you want?

Then there is Spoon, number five on my list. A bit hidden on Nicolson street, but if you look up then you see this lovely bistro on the second floor. The aforementioned cafes are quite busy during the day, so if you want a quiet retreat, Spoon is the place to go. Very spacious and it has great decor: a mix of assembled wooden vintage chairs, comfy sofas and tables with maps (of course as a geographer this convinced me immediately) glued on their tops. I only tried their good coffee because I had my quota of cake for the week, please let me know if you ever try some!

Did you try any other cafes in Edinburgh that I should go to? I feel adventurous this week.


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