Looking forward to Jamaica by Ciaran

Imagine being told on your first day of university that your chosen course has a COMPULSORY field trip to Jamaica! As a EG (Environmental GeoScientist) student that was how we started uni life. But of course there is always a catch – ours was having to wait two and a half years to get there. The build up was excruciating but truly exciting.

The Jamaica Trip is for 2 weeks and based in Discovery Bay near Montego Bay. Average temperatures reach roughly 29 degrees Celsius in April, only slightly higher than in Scotland…!! It doesn’t hurt to add that there is a beach next to the prospective hotel! The weeks are split with one week primarily in the bay and surrounding area on boats and snorkelling, then another exploring the Geology and Bauxite mines in a series of day trips around Jamaica. We get to explore parts of Jamaica very few other tourists get to see and experience parts of real Jamaican culture.

Jamaica by Melanie
by Melanie

Although the workload can seem  daunting, the pre-trip “seed” readings are eagerly read, finally providing some indication that the trip is finally happening. The smiles after the last introductory lecture only go to show the growth in excitement from students and lecturers alike.

I shall continue to post whilst in Jamaica with some pictures of what we are doing.

Only 73 more sleeps!


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  1. Montego Bay is awesome. We also love Runaway. If you have a chance go snorkeling on Captain Polly’s boat. He goes up and down the coastline near Montego Bay. It is not expensive and worth the trip. He can show you coral pieces over 2000 years old. Enjoy!

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