Living Below the Line – Hungry Thoughts!

My mind has been a flutter ever since the Live Below the Line Challenge started, gruelling over food portions, worrying over focus abilities, and daydreaming about the pizza/cake/ice cream smorgasbord I want on Saturday. It’s good to have a space to briefly journal my thoughts as each day passes, albeit slowly, but it helps to get it out.Live below the line food list

Pre-Challenge Shopping Day: Here’s my sad pile of food for the Live Below the Line Challenge: lentils, chickpeas, split peas, porridge oats, bag of carrots, jar of peanut butter, one can of tuna, one banana, half loaf of reduced price bread, and cinnamon and ginger spices (see picture). Lidl and New Leaf were a godsend and the peanut butter was very much worth it! I have to say Day 1 of the challenge was full of irrational fears about being hungry, fear of cravings that would interrupt my ability to focus, and my mind even meandered to foraging the local allotments…so I guess the theme of Monday was unfounded desperation!Live below the line foods

Day 2: Went surprisingly well. I actually didn’t feel too bad until the early evening when I ran into the arms of my peanut butter jar and accidentally polished it down to the halfway line. I went to bed early again, very abnormal for me, but I’m more tired recently. Focusing has become difficult. I’m drinking hot water with ginger spice as a placebo for tea.

Day 3: Ok, I really overdid it on the peanut butter….it’s down to 1/4 left. Someone brought cupcakes to my class today and I shooed it away as I crunched down bitterly on my carrot stick. The exhaustion is building; I fell asleep in class three times. And now my head is feeling cloudy. It’s not so much that I’m hungry as much as I feel like I’m lacking some crucial nutrients. I can get fairly full on my carbohydrates, but it doesn’t seem to help my mental state. I have two assignments due Friday and it’s getting harder to complete them…but more than halfway there.

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