Living and studying in Edinburgh

I love living in Edinburgh, for two main reasons: it’s a fantastic city, and everyone at university is lovely. That probably sounds really cheesy, but it’s true!

Arthur's SeatCyclingAs a city, Edinburgh is amazing. We have Arthur’s Seat, Blackford Hill and the Pentlands on our doorstep, so if you need to get out and about it’s easy. If you don’t fancy climbing a hill, the beach is just a bus ride away. The city is small enough to feel friendly, but big enough to offer loads of music, arts, comedy, sports and history – and then of course there’s the Festival in August, definitely not one to miss. Culture oozes out of every corner of Edinburgh. And if that isn’t enough, the rest of Scotland has so much to offer – a day trip to cosmopolitan Glasgow, or a weekend away in the mountains – it’s all here and the transport network is pretty good. It’s really easy to get around Edinburgh itself, too. Lots of students cycle here, and most others walk. I live in Newington, halfway between the Central Campus and Kings Buildings, about 20 minutes either way, and when I need to get between the two, there is a shuttle bus service.

And life as a student in the School of GeoSciences? It’s brilliant! Our classes consist of students from across different programmes, so you meet lots of people, from across the world; it’s really diverse. But more than that, everyone is really supportive; it’s a lovely community to be a part of. We socialise regularly, drinks down at the union, to pot-luck dinners at each other’s houses. The School of GeoSciences Burns Night & Ceilidh was a real highlight, too. Organised by the School, we had haggis and dancing and a lot of fun. That night really confirmed to me that coming to Edinburgh was the right choice, seeing everyone having such a great time was wonderful, and it all took place in the beautiful City Chambers on the Royal Mile.

If all that isn’t enough, there are regular guest lectures organised by the University, plus discussion groups, forums seminars from various departments, and careers events, free to students. The challenge is knowing how to fit everything in!

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