Muddy Boots in the Sun (Ben Reid, Graduate)

IMG_8208Since graduating with my MSc in Ecosystem Services and BSc in Ecological Sciences I have found myself in wild and wacky places from anti-poaching work in Cyprus, land use surveying (aka being chased by cows) in Scotland and finally landing in Rwanda working with One Acre Fund.

You never know where life will take you but an ecologist working in rural African agricultural development was definitely a surprise and a hell of an adventure. From creating processes that would affect all 130 000 of our clients, lugging fertilisers in our rural distribution points or climbing volcanoes in my spare time, life out here has thrown it all at me.

Being an ecologist doesn’t mean you only know about trees and stuff but being able to see and analyse systems, patterns and processes and UoE was a great place to learn these life skills. Utilising these skills leading a 300 person team is challenging, hugely rewarding and is a definite reason to walk to work with a smile on your face.

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