Writing a bit about myself…


Hi there! My name is Hannah, I’m 20 years old and I’m a first year student studying Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. I’ve really just got here, so in the next weeks I’m gonna tell you a bit about settling into this beautiful city and about my first courses.

For now I’m just really glad that, after two years of constantly moving from one place to the other (from my village in Germany to Belfast in Northern Ireland to Kiel at the Baltic Sea and back), I’ve finally arrived in a place where I can stay for at least the next four years!

A bit more about myself… I really like singing. I’ve been singing in different choirs since I was about four years old. Also, my intention to try something new at university made me take part in belly dancing classes which, believe me or not, are really fun, although I probably look ridiculous doing it (no, there will be no pictures!). I’ve always been fascinated by all things arctic and it’s a dream of mine to go there one day. One thing I really enjoy is ringing birds, even if I have to get up at four in the morning for that. I haven’t found anyone here that could teach me a bit more yet, so if by any chance you know someone in or around Edinburgh that is involved with bird-ringing, please please do write me.

That’s it for know,

I’ll write more soon.

Viele Grüße (that’s a nice form of saying ‘regards’ in German),


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