Who am I?

DSC06426.JPGI’m one of the new GeoSciences social media reps!

My name is Chris and I’m a 4th year Ecology and Environmental science student here at Edinburgh Uni.

Although I’m in my final (and busiest?) year as an undergrad I’ve decided to get involved with a bunch of things this year, I’m also the vice captain & a social secretary for Shukokai Karate club.

The way I look forward to representing geoscience students here over the next year will be by remembering to take my camera with me!
My favourite photos are usually the ones with sharp and vibrant landscapes or ones that capture the action that’s going on in front of the lens. Flat parties are a great place to practice your camera skills because of this! It also makes for a fun photo album afterwards, or some good memories.

What you can expect on here: Field trips, Edinburgh sights, the scenery of the kings buildings…. And more , you gotta get creative.

When I’m not busy doing Uni work or being a social media rep I’ll probably be training, chilling with flatmates&friends or cooking something nutritious and vegan (#carbonfootprint).

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