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Heyho! 🙂 I hope you all had a good weekend! It’s the start of a new week again and I can’t believe I’ve already been here for three weeks! Time really does pass quickly when you’re in a new place! And what an exciting place it is!

In this post, I want to tell you a bit about my courses. You normally take three of them per semester. But a course doesn’t only consist of a few lectures, you normally have tutorials as well, where you can work in smaller groups, and, for natural sciences, you have labs.

The only course that is mandatory for Ecological and Environmental Sciences in first semester is called “Origin and Diversity of Life”. It is (yes, of course) about the origin and diversity of life, which means: Evolution! We have just finished the lectures about microorganisms and are now starting to talk about stuff that you can actually see: Plants.

We’re going to the Botanic Garden in the next two practicals and I’m really looking forward to that! I’ve been working in the Botanic Garden of Kiel for seven months, and guess what the first thing was that my boss told me when I got my offer for Edinburgh? He said the Botanic Garden of Edinburgh was absolutely stunning! I will see for myself next week… 🙂

The second course I’m taking is “Earth Dynamics”. I wasn’t sure about it at the start, because I didn’t know anything about Geology before. But it turned out to be so interesting! We have lectures three times a week and a practical that really helps to understand the lectures. And, best of all, we have FIELD TRIPS!!! I will write more about our first field trip last Saturday in another blog post because it was so much fun!!! (Although my thighs still hurt a bit!)

One of the things I really like about studying in Scotland is that in the first years, you can take outside courses. I know science students who are taking History or Philosophy classes this year, so you can really do whatever you like! I chose to learn Spanish, and while I’m sure that Ecology and Environmental Sciences is the degree I want to study, it’s nice to spend some time doing other things. The course seems to be quite intensive and my Spanish teacher already told us that we will read two books in second semester (and it’s a beginner’s course!).

Now that I’ve been telling you all about the university stuff I’ve been doing in the last two weeks, here’s a picture of a trip our Resident Assistants took us on. We went to Cramond Island, just outside of Edinburgh. It can be accessed during low tide. Do you see the little rainbow over Edinburgh in the background of the first picture? This should tell you about the weather on that day 😛

photo-2    photo2a

Greetings 🙂


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