stunning day on a mountaineering club trip to Torridon

Failte its Shona here. Im afraid that’s all the Gaelic i know, but growing up in the highlands of Scotland I know a fair few place names which derive from Gaelic. Coming to Edinburgh has made me wish i knew another language…its so multicultural here its fabulous. Its such an eye opener to see a mix of people…  I’m not a city person but i like Edinburgh: its small and anyone can feel at home here.

I’m studying ecological and environmental sciences and although just its just my second year here my friends feel like family.  Most of my friends here have been through the university mountaineering club; I love the outdoors and the range of activities it presents. I’ve grown up with nature on my doorstep but yes cycling to lectured in the rain isn’t the best. Through my course I have learnt a bit about weather patterns…but I’ve also realized how critical water is for so many natural processes….so i guess i shouldn’t complain. With studying and mountaineering i don’t find much time for another key hobby: all things crafty! Im not very good at keeping tidy notes; but if you see in the library a blonde girl colouring a poster on micro organisms or water-balance systems it could be me! I try my best to make every situation fun!

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