More introductions!

Hello! My name’s Charlie and I’ll be one of the GeoSciences students you’ll see around the blog this year.

I’m originally from Perth, Western Australia and I’m very excited to be starting at the University of Edinburgh, studying a one-year MSc in Geographical Information Science. This time last year I was at my office desk, reading this blog and dreaming about what it would be like to study here – I can’t believe that I’ve now actually made it and am sitting in my dorm room with the best view ever of the city!

I’ve come to GeoSciences from quite a different background, originally studying Physics, History and Archaeology. Since completing my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with GIS, both in the skills it combines and its diverse range of applications and knew it was what I wanted to specialise in. This year will be an intensive (aka busy!) opportunity to build up my skills in a seriously amazing place.

Outside of university I’m into a whole range of things – Star Wars, British music, old DOS games. I also love exploring and I when I’m not buried deep in a computer lab I plan to spend my year walking around the city, seeing as much of Edinburgh (and hopefully beyond!) as possible and trying as many interesting Scottish foods as I can. I’m happy to answer any questions about Australia you might have and I can confirm that I did bring a jar of vegemite with me.


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