An Introduction…

Hey guys! I’m Eleanor. Unlike many of the other bloggers here sadly I’m not from an exotic location half way across the world – just from good old England.

I’m currently in third year (my gosh time really does fly) studying MA Geography, with a particular interest in political and economic geography; physical geography pretty much being my arch nemesis. I chose to come to Edinburgh definitely NOT because of the weather, it really does put a downer on my life, but on reflection I guess I really wouldn’t  have it any other way. I find Edinburgh to be a truly inspiring city – from your classic tourists destinations such as the b-e-a-utiful castle, to the hidden underground bars home to a vending machine selling alcoholic ice-cream (AMAZING, I know); there really is so much to discover year on year.

Through my honourable role as a social media rep, I’ll be sure to give you those insider insights into both the city and University of Edinburgh, hoping to travel and experience as much as I possibly can in the next coming years.

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