Week Eight: Eight Weeks in the lab

Hello! Here are some things that have been happening in my life as a GIS Masters student so far! Study has been keeping me very busy for sure, but it’s been a good kind of busy  🙂

  • Long days in the computer labs, with your fellow students, going through the shared experience of long days in the computer labs
  • Getting to walk down the Royal Mile every day to get from my dorm to the GeoSciences building, tourist-watching and spotting new buildings I haven’t noticed before
  • Studying a huge range of really useful practical skills – GIS, SQL, Python, R, website building, project management, drones!
  • Getting to go on a field trip to Kindrogan, a remote country field centre south of the Cairngorms; a big weekend of group project work where my team headed into the woods to count trees (lots and lots of trees), but where we still got a few small windows to see some extremely nice Scottish countryside (deer, starry skies, salmon jumping up a waterfall!)
  • Eating lots of scones
  • Going on big walks to try and explore different parts of Edinburgh and sneaking in some day trips close to town – Linlithgow Castle has been my favourite so far!
  • Getting a lot of great weather for big walks around the city. Back home there’s a big misconception that Scotland is ‘grey and rainy’ all the time. Not true! There have been a lot of blue, sunny (if maybe bit colder than Australia) days.
  • Regular drinks with classmates in the library (/Library Bar)
  • Taking advantage of student memberships to the old cinemas in the city and trying to get out to see movies when I can!
  • Getting to see the Australian national rugby team play Scotland!
  • Watching the Christmas markets get set up on Princes St out my window. This year is going incredibly fast, but bring on Christmas in Edinburgh!

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