Charlie Moriarty on being a social media rep!

One of our social media reps  Charlie Moriarty shared his experience of being social media rep for the School of GeoSciences:

I’d say the biggest challenge has been how busy my course has been! In the weeks when I’ve been assigned different accounts, I’ve often found that my amount of time free to generate posts has been much less than I expected. I’ve really enjoyed watching what the other social media reps have been posting though, and overall I’ve found that the experience of being a rep is keeping me much more in touch with the Geosciences social media pages!

I think this first semester is the busiest part of our course, but I think things should ease up a bit going into Semester 2 and thesis work, so I’m hoping to get more time to dedicate to rep duties in the new year! I’m also really enjoying the advent calendar 🙂

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