My Postgrad Experience so Far

As I am studying for my last final exam, I have been contemplating my experience of being a graduate student. It was weird at first, for I dedicated four years of undergraduate to studying neuroscience, prodding nerve cells with a thin glass need, and trying to understand why oftentimes humans want that one chocolate bar right this minute instead of waiting one week to maybe receive two. Now, however, here I am doing carbon management and learning how to prepare society and businesses for the devastating impacts of climate change. But I have to say, in the transition from brains to business, I have greatly enjoyed my time here at the University of Edinburgh. The people, the professors, and the atmosphere(potential climate change pun) have been so warm and welcoming! I absolutely cannot wait for what next semester has to offer!

I hope this little Pikachu wearing a Santa hat will brighten up your day and give you hope to move on through finals.img_0462

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