Exams are over (and I’m still alive!)

Hello and happy New Year!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your winter holidays and are ready for uni to start again!img_1559

At the moment I’m still in Germany, enjoying the first snow. It was so nice being here for Christmas, having some real German Lebkuchen and Glühwein. For New Year’s Eve, I went to Kiel, which is a city right at the Baltic Sea. I lived there for a while before I came to Edinburgh. Most of my friends are still there, so of course it was great to be back! We had great fun making cocktails and cooking amounts of fingerfood that will probably last until the end of February! Still, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to stay in Edinburgh to experience Hogmanay next year!

Afterwards, I visited another friend in Hamburg and then went on to the North Sea to spend some (very cold) days with my family. After two days of fog, rain and litres of East Frisian tea (first put a big chunk of sugar into your cup, listen to the nice sound it makes to pour in the tea, add some milk using a small spoon and by all means, DON’T STIR!), we were really happy to have at least one day which really was as nice and sunny as it looks on these pictures:

I feel very lucky compared to my friends at home, as I’ve already written my exams before Christmas and they are just starting revision now. Exams seem soo long ago already, and luckily, there’s more to university than those endless hours of sitting in my room trying to remember the life cycles of plants and feeling guilty the odd time I left the house with other plans than going to the library. I promise!

Actually I’m really looking forward to the new semester (Although the Spanish book I have to read for my course looks quite daunting). It will be nice to come back to Edinburgh not being new: I won’t stumble from one freshers event to the next, desperately trying to meet people or get that free toaster, and I won’t get lost around King’s buildings anymore (or so I hope). I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again, to meeting my three new flatmates, and to my new courses!

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