New Year, New You?


Okay. So it’s January. 2017. A hideously scary thought isn’t it? As we contemplate just how we have managed to survive 2016, chances are you’ve either thought about, or you have produced a list of New Year’s resolutions as the majority of us do entering the new year with the hope of transforming our sluggish post-Christmas selves. Personally, experience has shown me that let’s be honest, keeping these resolutions is not all that easy, and quite frankly by February it’s likely that I’ve waved them goodbye already. But NO, not this year. This year I’m determined to make realistic, achievable goals that I WILL (try my best to) stick to. And you will to. So here I offer you my best tips on how you can be successful on your quest, we’re all in this together folks so let’s give it a whirl.


One of the most important things when creating resolutions you can actually stick to, is making them realistic and being straight with yourself. Don’t kid yourself. You’ll just end up giving up prematurely and thinking you’re a failure. If you’re currently out of breath walking up one flight of stairs, chances are you might not be able to run a marathon by February. Likewise, if you’ve set foot in the library once since starting University, perhaps promising yourself you’ll now be going nine till five, seven days a week may not be a great idea. This brings me on to my next tip…


Rather than ‘run a marathon’ or ‘never eat chocolate ever again’ go for smaller mile stones that can be realistically achievable, perhaps along the lines of ‘run for 2 miles by the end of February’ or ‘cut down chocolate intake to one bar a week by Easter’ or simply ‘make healthier choices’, if improving health and fitness is on your 2017 agenda. Smaller goals that are actually in sight will give you more motivation to persevere and believe in yourself.


Being kind to yourself is important. If you’ve set yourself the goal of eating at 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and you’ve succeeded for the whole of January, TREAT YOURSELF. Go wild and get yourself an ice-cream sundae or go and get your nails done. Or even just a pat on the back. This will give you greater incentive and drive to continue reaching for those goals.


If you slip up or only manage to go to one gym class a week instead of two, don’t revert back to square one and sit in a pit of doom and gloom feeling useless. It’s totally fine, no one is perfect, by any means. Perhaps take a step back, re-assess, maybe break down your bigger goals into smaller parts, and get back on that path to success.

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