Words of Wisdom from Magical Mountains

By Shona Irvine

As an Ecological and Environmental Sciences student last year we were required to study over the summer; part of our course involved a field project to do during the holidays….but it was worth it for two reasons; A) it was fun and interesting and B) it means that this semester I only have to do two courses instead of three. And I have been taking full advantage of my extra free time.

The last few weeks there’s been lots going on and I have managed to go on two fantastic weekends away. Being parts of societies at the university of Edinburgh is great fun! Early February wasn’t as snowy as hoped for; so when I went to the Cairngorms with the mountaineering club we had fantastic walking conditions; and some folk had great fun climbing. On the Sunday I was very lucky to get on a winter skills course to top up my navigational and ice axe skills.

Then this past weekend I went to another of Scotland’s iconic areas; Glencoe. It was another great trip. On the sunday me and a friend had a great walk and as we went we identified the flora!

Sadly the weather wasn’t all as fantastic as it could have been but it was snowy on the tops and very atmospheric!


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  1. Hi!
    Are there any entries written by students in Geographical Information Science?
    I am curious about their experiences with the program and their background knowledge before starting the study 🙂

    I am looking forward to your reply!

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