Semester 2 Check-In

Hi all!

It’s currently mid-way through Semester 2 and our MSc in GIS class has just handed in our formal Dissertation Plans. Only a few weeks of classes left and then we move into full-time dissertation project work! I can’t believe how fast this has come up!!

2017 has started off excellently – I wasn’t able to go home to Australia over the mid-semester holidays, so I stayed in Edinburgh for the winter. I got to celebrate Christmas in Scotland, had the Hogmanay fireworks right next to my dorm and went for a quick holiday trip to Norway and Sweden! The beginning of Semester 2 has been the busiest part of the year yet (if you’re an incoming student – be prepared for February to go FAST), but even though it’s meant a few late nights in the Drummond St computer labs (my second home), I’ve still had enough free time to go on some day trips to Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Fife, North Berwick and the Scottish Borders, go to weekly seminars (there’s always a great bunch on every week, in GeoSciences and beyond!), watch 6 Nations rugby matches down at the pub and catch a few really good movies! Even if sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to do everything, it’s definitely still possible to fit in fun things around study.

I was prepared for a cold and rainy winter, but the weather in Edinburgh has stayed incredibly nice – still a lot of blue and sunny days! As an Australian, I was very excited to get two (!) days of snow…. I only wish there could have been a bit more of it 😀 But spring is fully on its way – there are flowers popping up all over town and easter eggs in the supermarkets. I’m looking forward to diving in to some project work!


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  1. Hi Charlie. Fatin here. I know your last blog post is dated more than a year ago but I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time in Edinburgh. I got an offer for MSc GIS as well but for the 2019/2020 intake. I’m from Malaysia and I was kind of nervous about the whole moving to a whole different continent thing. I was hoping to get some advice from an enthusiastic alumnus such as yourself. Then I stumbled across your blog posts.

    I hope you’re having a good day.

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