Shall I wear my thinking cap or my sunhat?

Shona imageBy Shona Irvine

It’s that time of year again. Exams are looming. Head down, noses in books and fingers racing across keyboards. Luckily, being a geoscience student, I can escape the giant building of essay-writing and diagram- learning (aka Central Library) to the more peaceful realms of King’s Buildings. In this sunny weather it’s great to get out for a break and wander to Blackford Hill or Hermitage of Braids. Wow, I could never study in a busy city! The views accross to Craigmillar castle and Braids golf course remind us that there is a world out there. Amd much of what we study is helping us understand it, helping us protect it.  Earth day has just passed. But that doesn’t mean we can go back to the old ways; there’s still so much to learn and so much we can do to help. Turning off lights, re-using paper, recycling tins…they’re all obvious these days…but as they say: every little helps!
Yesterday’s subject of revision for me was soils. It’s amazing how the ground below our feet supports us.
Today I had trip out to visit family. Beautiful views from the train.
Anyway enough of this procrastination: I better get my head down.

Shona is a 2nd year Ecological and Environmental Sciences student. 

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