MSc Walking Writing Workshop in Dunkeld

The MSc in Environment, Culture and Society course took a field trip on 1st May to Dunkeld and Birnam in Perthshire to experience a fantastic writing workshop conducted by Scottish writer Linda Cracknell in advance of our commencing work on our dissertations.  She put our cohort through a series of exercises where we learned how to enrich our writing through giving a voice to the subjects of our work, whether human or not.  We learned to ‘see’ nature through hearing it, smelling it, and feeling it.  After a delicious lunch at the Birnam Arts Centre, we put our newly-acquired writing arts to work, and each shared what inspired us with the rest of the rest of the group.

Not only did we get a fantastic workshop from Ms. Cracknell, but the trip afforded us an opportunity to experience the wondrous nature of Perthershire, not to mention a very enjoyable scenic train ride up from Edinburgh and back.  On a personal note, travel by train is a great way to experience Scotland’s unparalleled beauty.  It could only add to a writing workshop that was fantastic in its own right.

Many thanks to Prof. Emily Brady for organising this field trip, one that all of us thoroughly enjoyed.


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