A Warm and Jolly Hello

Hi everyone, I’m Julie! I moved to Edinburgh from Germany in 2016 and am currently in my third year studying Geography and Economic and Social History (it’s quite a mouthful, I know).

As someone whose main academic interests lie in social and political geography (especially issues surrounding health, the environment and sustainable development) and who spends a considerable amount of time in history seminars debating issues like air pollution in 1950s Britain, I’m quite possibly one of the least sciencey people you could meet in the entire School of GeoSciences. (Fun fact! Until October this year I had never been to King’s Buildings, the campus where most science lectures take place!) Nevertheless, human geographers are geographers, and I’ll be here for those of you who are looking for some insights into the more-social-rather-than-natural science side of the School or the rewards and challenges of a joint honours degree.

In my spare time I organise and participate in food collections from local bakeries with the charity SHRUB, love potlucks, theatre and charity shops, and am currently part of a research team on food waste in university catering. As you’ve probably noticed by now, I care a LOT about sustainability issues, so in addition to posts about my academic experience, you can expect some tips and tricks on how to live sustainably in Edinburgh!

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences of both the university and city of Edinburgh with you (no, honestly – not to come across as super self-absorbed, but I kinda love talking about my life in this beautiful, unique, extremely windy place on earth), and maybe I’ll see some of you in the coming academic year?

Til then cheerio,


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