2 years living in Edinburgh! Life so far..

Hello my name is Megan and I will be one of the new bloggers for 2019. I came to Edinburgh University from East Yorkshire and am in my third year studying Environmental Geoscience.

During my first year I was originally on the degree – Ecological and Environmental Sciences – before switching to the degree I now do and love! This is fairly common to do at Edinburgh and has meant I have experienced a wide range of subject areas including ecology, hydrogeology and oceanography- all of which are taught in the Geoscience department along with many more amazing courses. During the new year I look forward to sharing experiences of my degree so far and the fieldtrips we get to do. As well as my plans for the future, which includes travelling to India to learn about the cotton industry in February!

Investigating the Borrowdale volcanics in the Lake district as part of a field trip

Outside of my degree I enjoy volunteering for Hearty Squirrel at King’s Buildings and travelling. The top photo was taken in Zurich where I got an £8.99 flight to as part of a trip last January!! I have also had a fish tank during my second year which was a lot more work than I anticipated!
This led to me to become involved with the Changing Oceans Undergraduate group, aka ‘Coral Club’ which involves getting to help out with the corals in the Changing Oceans research lab once a month, with aims of completing our own project.

As this semester has been pretty hectic and rainy (so much rain!) I have not ventured much further than the Pentlands, but hopefully with the new year and warmer weather it will lead to many more outdoor adventures! My main New Years resolutions being to practise hillwalking and exploring Scotland more, as well as trying out sailing!

For now,

Merry Christmas!


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