Christopher McMahon, MSc Applied Geoscience (GeoEnergy)

Hi, my name is Chris and I am one of the new social media reps for 2019!

3000m High in the Rwenzori Mountains, located in the East African Rift System, western Uganda (June 2018).

I am currently studying for an MSc Applied Geoscience (GeoEnergy), having completed my undergraduate degree BSc (Hons) Earth Science at the University of Glasgow (2014-2018).

This summer I was the leader of a research expedition to Uganda (hence the photos) where we looked at structural geology and social research, considering how we as geologists (and geoscientists) can help encourage sustainable development.

This year I hope to keep you up to date with student life at Edinburgh and let you know how the new MSc GeoEnergy is as a course!

Bristo Square (December 20th, 07:50)

Hope you enjoy my posts and have been enjoying your winter break!


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