Last Minute Summer Saves

As it gets to April, many students start to panic about how to fill their 4 month loonnng summer. But there’s nothing to worry about – there are plenty of opportunities you can access late into the semester and beyond…

Below I’ve listed a few places to find cool opportunities if your a bit stuck about what you can do/where to look!

Employ ED in an SME

The university advertises summer internships this time of year with small and medium enterprises. Although not always relevant for geoscience careers they pay well and depending on your interests are a worthwhile opportunity within Edinburgh! As it is only UoE students applying this also increases your chance of being successful. (You can apply before the 7th April this year on mycareerhub)

Equate Scotland

This website is dedicated towards supporting women in STEM – more info: – they offer placements in industry, academia and public bodies across Scotland. Often there are quite a few relevant to geoscience students so it is one to keep an eye on!

Countryside Jobs

This website is a recent discovery and for people interested in ecology, conservation or wanting more environmental work this is a great resource! They promote “countryside careers in the UK and environmental conservation worldwide”. With many opportunities (both jobs and volunteering) being seasonal or part time.


Workaway involves volunteers giving up their time in exchange for accommodation and food. Sounds a little weird but there are a wide variety of things you can do including working in schools, an NGO, animal welfare, farmstays and sustainable projects. There are opportunities worldwide and it is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture whilst not loosing money whilst travelling!

WWOOF – Worldwide opportunities on Organic Farms

The concept of woofing is similar to above but always based on organic farms!


There are plenty of short and long term volunteering opportunities with the RSPB! I just had a quick look and there are currently 559 opportunities –

Bright Green Business

You may have seen this organisation around campus on career days. They offer paid placements year round so it is always good to keep an eye out. They are mostly centred around trying to improve sustainable and environmental practises in business.

Scot Grad

Offering placements similar to Equate Scotland and year round. There is a wide range of STEM related opportunities so if you are interested in a formal internship in Scotland this is a great website to check every now and then.

This is only a very short list and there are tonnes of places to look around! Even within Edinburgh there is plenty of summer jobs to keep you busy and having a great time in the city!

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