Where can and MSc at Edinburgh University take you?

By Celeste Kellock

In the space of two weeks my MSc has taken me to Africa and the Arctic!

One of the perks of geosciences, if you are like minded, is fieldwork and fieldtrips! I love being able to see a process from start to finish, from data collection to write-up. Being outdoors gives me continual motivation and a constant reminder of why I should keep learning and trying, even when the deadlines get tough.

You may have read an earlier blog post about a recent fieldtrip to Morocco – two weeks ago, I was there, and it was fantastic. But it wasn’t all work and no play, a few of us stayed out a little longer in Morocco, because when you’ve travelled all the way there, it is nice to explore a little. We spent the best part of a week travelling: Marrakech – Fes – Chefchaouen – Zagora. I also have some pretty great course mates so it made the field course and trip really fun.

morocco team


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