Wool Waste

After studying environmental studies for the past year, I realised that I have adopted new habits when it comes to sustainable living. I always try to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices everyday, such as minimising waste and purchasing packaging-free items (#LushCosmetics), but I was never used to be very conscious of my crochet waste.  After completing my... Continue Reading →

A Shift from Brains to Environment

When I first started my four year journey of undergrad, I thought about majoring in environmental studies since I was passionate about nature and wanted to help with issues such as climate change. Unfortunately for me, however, I was discouraged by a few bad grades and then deemed myself not suitable for environmental studies. I... Continue Reading →

Hogmanay :)

Hogmanay was nothing I had ever dreamed of in a new years celebration. In the past, I have watched, from my television, a colourful sphere slowly drop down in Time Square, and I have visited a temple while in Japan, living with a host family. This New Years, however, I had the opportunity to participate in an... Continue Reading →

My Postgrad Experience so Far

As I am studying for my last final exam, I have been contemplating my experience of being a graduate student. It was weird at first, for I dedicated four years of undergraduate to studying neuroscience, prodding nerve cells with a thin glass need, and trying to understand why oftentimes humans want that one chocolate bar... Continue Reading →

A Little About Me :)

Hi everyone! My name is Chris, and I am part of the carbon management masters program. I have a degree in neuroscience from Bates College, but after I graduated, I decided to return to environmental studies. I chose Edinburgh because I did not have the opportunity to study abroad. I have studied Japanese and French,... Continue Reading →

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