New Year, New You?


Okay. So it’s January. 2017. A hideously scary thought isn’t it? As we contemplate just how we have managed to survive 2016, chances are you’ve either thought about, or you have produced a list of New Year’s resolutions as the majority of us do entering the new year with the hope of transforming our sluggish post-Christmas selves. Personally, experience has shown me that let’s be honest, keeping these resolutions is not all that easy, and quite frankly by February it’s likely that I’ve waved them goodbye already. But NO, not this year. This year I’m determined to make realistic, achievable goals that I WILL (try my best to) stick to. And you will to. So here I offer you my best tips on how you can be successful on your quest, we’re all in this together folks so let’s give it a whirl.

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An Introduction…

Hey guys! I’m Eleanor. Unlike many of the other bloggers here sadly I’m not from an exotic location half way across the world – just from good old England.

I’m currently in third year (my gosh time really does fly) studying MA Geography, with a particular interest in political and economic geography; physical geography pretty much being my arch nemesis. I chose to come to Edinburgh definitely NOT because of the weather, it really does put a downer on my life, but on reflection I guess I really wouldn’t  have it any other way. I find Edinburgh to be a truly inspiring city – from your classic tourists destinations such as the b-e-a-utiful castle, to the hidden underground bars home to a vending machine selling alcoholic ice-cream (AMAZING, I know); there really is so much to discover year on year.

Through my honourable role as a social media rep, I’ll be sure to give you those insider insights into both the city and University of Edinburgh, hoping to travel and experience as much as I possibly can in the next coming years.

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