Field Research on Green Politics

When all the coursework toward the taught MSc is finished at the end of March, we move into the dissertation phase of the programme.  The dissertation is intended to be an original research project allowing students to demonstrate their ability to apply the skills learnt on a long-term project.  Writing is a great pleasure in... Continue Reading →

‘Wolf Totem’ screening

One criterion that strongly attracted me to the University of Edinburgh's Environment, Culture and Society MSc programme is its commitment to interdisciplinary studies.   Studying the environment crosses multiple academic disciplines, including the social sciences, the natural sciences and the humanities.  This is the very spirit of the Framing Interdisciplinarity film festival, which highlights the connections between the environment and the arts, including a screening last week... Continue Reading →

Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Groups

One of the great things about studying in the School of GeoSciences post-graduate programmes at the University of Edinburgh is the university’s very close proximity to policy-makers whose own work is often informed by our programmes’ research and teaching. The Scottish Parliament operates a wide variety of Cross-Party Groups, which are forums for its elected... Continue Reading →

Land: Terra Screening

One of the best aspects of the Geosciences programme at the University of Edinburgh is the wide and frequent array of opportunities afforded to students and staff alike to see what is actually going on with respect to our global environment. It is one of many factors that made my decision to come here an... Continue Reading →

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