Hogmanay :)

Hogmanay was nothing I had ever dreamed of in a new years celebration. In the past, I have watched, from my television, a colourful sphere slowly drop down in Time Square, and I have visited a temple while in Japan, living with a host family. This New Years, however, I had the opportunity to participate in an... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Panini Ever

For anyone who speaks italian, you may know that "panini" is the plural word for sandwich. But for this place, it seems fair enough to use the plural form because they really do have the biggest panini I have eaten in Edinburgh! The place is called Let Me Eat, and you can find it on... Continue Reading →

Carrubbers Café

Carrubbers Cafe is open Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 2:30pm. They are  associated with Carrubbers Christian Centre, "an independent, non-denominational evangelical church" and the cafe is part of their outreach. Don't let the fear of God keep you away! They offer soups, rolls, salads, pastries and hot/cold beverages for a very reasonable price (£2-4 for... Continue Reading →

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