What does the environment mean to you?  Written by Dr. Christina Coakley (University Teacher, School of GeoSciences) The end of Christmas marked my return to work after having my first child. I thought I would hit the ground running by getting involved with ILW and running an art exhibition as I did the previous year... Continue Reading →

Carbon Masters Alumni Conference

For the first time since the the start of the programme, the Msc in Carbon Management had an Alumni Conference to gather all current and past students for a weekend of carbon discussions, updates on the work of alumni and networking among the different cohorts. From the 6th to the 8th of june, people traveled from all... Continue Reading →

All-Energy Conference

For two days in May, 21st and 22nd, the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre received people from all over the world for the annual All-Energy Conference. This event is a combination of talks and exhibitions from several companies in the UK dedicated to the fields of sustainability and renewable energy. As a student from the... Continue Reading →

End of Teaching Karaoke Party

One more semester is coming to an end and with that a proper celebration was needed. So, the amazing staff put together a very nice party for the programme of Carbon Management and made everyone dress as a pop/rockstar of their choice and get them to sing along to their favorite tunes. The night started... Continue Reading →

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