A Little About Me :)

Hi everyone! My name is Chris, and I am part of the carbon management masters program. I have a degree in neuroscience from Bates College, but after I graduated, I decided to return to environmental studies. I chose Edinburgh because I did not have the opportunity to study abroad. I have studied Japanese and French,... Continue Reading →

Whitelee Power Plant

On the 19th of March the Carbon Management Society¬†took a trip to Whitelee Wind-farm just outside Eaglesham south of Glasgow. The wind-farm is the largest onshore in the UK with an installed capacity of 539MW and is staggering in its scale with over 200 turbines stretching as far as the eye can see. On the... Continue Reading →

End of Teaching Karaoke Party

One more semester is coming to an end and with that a proper celebration was needed. So, the amazing staff put together a very nice party for the programme of Carbon Management and made everyone dress as a pop/rockstar of their choice and get them to sing along to their favorite tunes. The night started... Continue Reading →

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