Mull Day 6 by Cat

Day 6 Folding associated with the Igneous centres; dalradian exposures Around Loch Don the Great Glen fault brings a small amount of dalradian rocks on Mull. The succession has then been deformed and folded in response to the emplacement of the igneous centres. The Loch Don anticline brings dalradian schists to the surface in the... Continue Reading →

Mull Day 5 by Cat

Day 5 Igneous centre 3 All of today was spent – mainly walking up and thankfully down Beinn a ‘ Ghraig. The majority of the hillside was rhyolite which had an intergrowth texture of quartz and feldspar. A small intrusion had us puzzled for a while as it had a very complex formation history. Termed... Continue Reading →

Mull Day 4 by Cat

Day 4 The Plateau Lavas These make up almost all of Mull and are responsible for the amazing trap/step topography. We floundered across a lot of bog to reach Ardtun.  Stumbling down a steep and slimy gully (knowing our lecturer was filming putting more pressure on us NOT to fall)  we reached to famous leaf... Continue Reading →

Mull Day 3 by Cat

Day 3 Mesozoic sedimentary succession In a few places in Mull the Triassic and Jurassic rocks are exposed. We drove along long, twistly roads to reach Gribun. Being very careful not to annoy the farmer we headed to the beach (well more a mass of rounded pebbles = perfect conditions for trips and falls). The... Continue Reading →

Mull Day 2 by Cat

Day 2 Archaean and Proterozoic Excietment today as we got to go on another ferry! This time to the Isle of Iona. Today we looked at the oldest rocks on our trip the Lesisian orthogneiss which are over lain, unconformably, by the Iona group – approximate to the Torridonian sast previously seen at Inchnadamph. The... Continue Reading →

Mull Day 1 by Cat

Day 1 Proterozoic: Moine schists and the Ross of Mull Granite With a less than desirable start to our field trip – horizontal rain which hurts the face  (but hey! Its not a proper geo field trip without a bit of water) – we left our wonderful house at the bottom of Ben More and... Continue Reading →

VIDEO Mull 2014 – Day 5

Investigated the Mull centre 3 complex. From Knock farm ascended Beinn a ghraig and found granophyres, gabbros and rhyolite mingled with basic magma. At the top of the climb looked at volcanic crater filled with vent agglomerate. Despite a wicked wind it was worth it!

VIDEO Mull 2014 – Day 4

Spent the day on the Mull plateau lavas and started to investigate the Central Complex centre 1. Check out the columnar jointing in the video clip - absolutely awe inspiring!

VIDEO Mull 2014 – Days 3 and 4

Two days of more amazing rocks completed. Walked from Moine sediments across major unconformity and then up through the Mesozoic sedimentary succession - Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous sequence and arrived at the Plateau basalts.

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