Edinburgh is all about passion

Since I arrived to Edinburgh I’ve met incredible, inspiring and admirable people; from professors to students from many different schools of the University. All of them come from different countries and backgrounds, have different stories, ideas and ways to understand the world; still, all of them have something in common, and that is their passion.... Continue Reading →

Living and studying in Edinburgh

I love living in Edinburgh, for two main reasons: it’s a fantastic city, and everyone at university is lovely. That probably sounds really cheesy, but it’s true! As a city, Edinburgh is amazing. We have Arthur’s Seat, Blackford Hill and the Pentlands on our doorstep, so if you need to get out and about it’s... Continue Reading →


It's essay season in Edinburgh. There are high winds (seriously, we nearly hit gale force today) and I have high expectations on this spring day. I'm crunching through a marine policy paper and am blessing the folks who designed bibliography referencing software. I am infamous around the geosciences postgrad group as the unofficial Endnote ambassador. I attended... Continue Reading →

Life at the Hub

For those unacquainted with the Hub, I'll start by saying that the Hub at the ECCI (Edinburgh's Centre for Carbon Innovation) is a space in the building where students can spend their time. As a student from the Msc in Carbon Management, my first semester was spent entirely at the ECCI and the Hub definitely... Continue Reading →

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